Welcome to Lux Pacifica

Welcome to Lux Pacifica, an association of lighting societies that represents half the world’s population.

The Lux Pacifica is the quadrennial lighting conference of the lighting societies of North America (USA, Canada & Mexico), Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, India, Taipei and Korea.

The society is governed by a board of directors with one representative from each of the member societies. The officers of the Lux Pacifica are elected by the board from amongst its members. Warren Julian (Australia) is the current Chair and Hajimu Nakamura (Japan) is the current Vice Chair.

The mission of the Lux Pacifica is to provide an opportunity for lighting researchers and designers to present their ideas to an international audience. It is also an opportunity for the member societies to meet and discuss issues of common interest.

The Lux Pacifica endorses events organised by member societies or affiliates that are open to international participation. Requests for endorsement of events should be sent to the Lux Pacifica – see the Contact Us page.

This website is also available for member societies to promote national and international events in their own countries.