The Lux Pacifica was developed by James Jewell (IESNA) and Warren Julian (IESANZ) after seeing the success of the Lux Europa conferences of the European lighting societies. The Lux Pacifica, however, had the additional goals of assisting developing countries and emphasising the importance of good lighting design.

Conference dinner Nagoya 1997



A series of meetingswere held at various conferences and the Lux Pacifica was established in the late 1980s and the committee accepted an invitation from the newly formed China IES to hold the first conference in Shanghai in 1989. That was very successful, with Thailand offering to host the second Lux Pacifica in 1993. Then followed, roughly quadrennially Nagoya (in 1997) and New Delhi (in 2002, rather than 2001), Cairns (in 2005), Bangkok in place of Khabarovsk (in 2009) and again in Thailand in 2013. The first interim conference was held in Kolkata, India in November 2015.

Ladies’ Day New Delhi 2002

Poolside conference dinner Bangkok 2009