The main function of Lux Pacifica is to provide a social and cultural opportunity for member lighting societies to meet on a regular basis and to discuss issues related to lighting in the broadest sense. A Lux Pacifica is held every four years, usually as a three-day conference and sometimes the conference is associated with a trade show. Lux Pacifica conferences can also be used as an opportunity for international organisations (for example, the CIE) to meet at the same time, reducing costs compared with two separate conferences.

The members of Lux Pacifica include developed and developing countries, so Lux Pacifica encourages the allocation of conference time and space for lighting education and for showing architects, property owners and developers and governments the value of using competent, independent lighting designers for their projects. Competent, independent lighting designers need to be educated, so it is important to nurture education. The Lux Pacifica conferences allow people to learn from other countries’ successful strategies in education and high professional standards.

This page lists the keynote speakers at all previous Lux Pacifica conferences.

Warren JulianpicAt the most recent Lux Pacifica held in March 2018 at the Takanawa Campus of Tokai University in Tokyo, the keynote address was delivered by Emeritus Professor Warren Julian. He spoke to a diverse crowd of lighting enthusiasts about lighting needs for the aged and the partially sighted.


Professor W Van Bommel

Professor W Van Bomm

 At an intersessional meeting in Kolkata in 2015, Professor Wout Van Bommel, a former CIE President, delivered a keynote address that gave a unique perspective on the future of lighting. He described technologies that are already and will continue to revolutionise how, where and why we use light. His humorous but at the same time seriously challenging lecture set the perfect pitch for the following three days of papers. Then, as a clever foil to the inaugural lecture, the next address, given by Emeritus Professor Asit Kumar Datta of Kolkata University, matched Wout’s talk on the future of lighting with a thought-provoking walk through the history and evolution of lighting.


Vincent Laganier

Vincent Laganier

For the 7th Lux Pacifica in 2013 in Bangkok, Vincent Laganier, Editor-in-chief of Luminous, gave a talk on the cultural dimension of architectural lighting with an emphasis on France. The second and third keynote speakers were Dr Acharawan Chutarat and Dr Chanyaporn Chuntamara of KMUTT in Bangkok who provided Thai perspectives on cultural lighting.


Acharawan Chutarat

Dr Acharawan Chutarat

Chanyaporn Chuntamara

Dr Chanyaporn Chuntamara







Dr Alex Shepherd

Dr Alex Shepherd

The keynote speaker at the 6th Lux Pacifica in Bangkok in 2009 was Dr Alex Shepherd from the School of Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London,UK. Her topic was visual stimuli, light and lighting that are common triggers of migraine and headache – a fascinating 
perspective on how light can sometimes adversely affect people.

In 2005 in Cairns for the 5th conference, Steven Beleltich from the Greenlight Australia Strategy, spoke on “Regulatory Activities in Australian Lighting 2005 – 2015”.

For the 4th conference in 2002 in New Delhi Dr Nadarajah Narendran, director of research at LRC in Troy, New York State, gave the keynote address on the history, technology, and development of solid-state lighting.

At the 3rd Lux Pacifica conference in 1997 in Nagoya the moderator, Mr Kaoru Mende, led a panel discussion on lighting design for the 21st Century. The 4 panelists were Mr Tino Kwan (Hong Kong), Mr Charles Stone (USA), Mr Bo Steiber (Singapore) and Ms Reiko Chikada (Japan).

At the 2nd conference in 1993 in Bangkok there were 4 invited speakers: Dr Hayden Willey (New Zealand), Professor Hiroshi Nakamura (Japan), Mr Gary Steffy (USA) and Rirkrit Kaewvicheara (Thailand).

L V Locsin

L V Locsin

At the inaugural Lux Pacifica session in 1989 in Shanghai, Mr Leandro Valencia Locsin (August 15,1928 – November 15, 1994) from Philippines was the invited keynote speaker. He was a Filipino architect, artist, and interior designer known for his use of concrete, floating volume and simplistic design in his various projects.An avid collector, he was fond of modern painting and Chinese ceramics. In 1990, he was proclaimed National Artist of the Philippines for Architecture by the late President Corazon C. Aquino.