How to Join Lux Pacifica

Lighting societies from around the Pacific and Indian oceans’ rims are invited to join Lux Pacifica. There is no membership fee. A request to join must be sent to Lux Pacifica with the following information.

Criteria for Membership

1. Only one organisation from each country can join;

2. that organisation should have a broad membership across the lighting industry (academics, researchers, regulators, manufacturers and designers); and

3. it should have an interest in international cooperation, advancing good lighting design and developing lighting education in its own country.

Procedure for Applying for Membership

If an organisation wishes to join it should send an email to Lux Pacifica with the following information

1. the official name of the organisation, its postal and email addresses and website address as well as a brief history of the organisation and its goals (see criteria for membership 3 above). —this information will be used on the Lux Pacifica website;

2. the names of the officers of the organisation;

3. a brief explanation of the organisation’s membership criteria (see criteria for membership 2);

4. any links with other lighting organisations in the country (particularly if membership is restricted compared with see criteria for membership 2); and

5. an image of the organisation’s logo for the Lux Pacifica website

The Lux Pacifica Board considers applications

After the application for membership is received, the Board votes on admission. The Board’s decision will be sent to the organisation. Once the membership is confirmed, the member organisation nominates a person to represent the organisation and that person becomes a member of the Lux Pacifica Board. That person could be the President of the organisation or a person whose duty is international cooperation, etc.