Lux Pacifica 2015

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Lux Pacifica will hold a mid-term conference in Kolkata, India 27-29 November 2015. This will take place in conjunction with Light India International 2015. The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE) will co-ordinate the conference which will be held at the IT Sonar Hotel that is close to the Lii trade show venue.

Capital of India during much of the British Raj, Calcutta adopted a Bengali name, Kolkata, in 2001. Located in the Ganges Delta, Kolkata is a major metropolis that was only recently overtaken by Mumbai as the most populous Indian city. Amid its riotous colour and sound stand neoclassical palaces, moss-covered mansions, an imposing Gothic cathedral, chaotic markets and hibiscus-adorned Hindu temples. There are also oases of peace such as the historical Tollygunge and the banks of the Hooghly River in the late afternoon. Kolkata has long considered itself the country’s intellectual hub, and has acted as a crucible of Indian art, music, film and literature. This conference and trade show will undoubtedly showcase the best of this fascinating city.

Costs and information for this conference and trade show are available on our Conferences page. Of particular interest for current lighting students, there will be a reduced participation fee.



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