Observer’s Report on 8th Lux Pacifica in Tokyo

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The 8th Lux Pacifica held at Tokai University’s Takanawa Campus in Tokyo was entertaining, educational and above all else, inclusive and pleasurable.

We arrived in Tokyo in the pre-dawn cold of early March and found, like everything in Japan, that getting around and to almost any destination, was simple and straightforward once you devised how transport systems worked. It was amusing to “dance” around each other in a cupboard sized hotel room but the conference and being out and about were more than enough compensation for cramped quarters.

Fully three days of papers and poster presentations ran pretty much to schedule and the mix of presenters and audience included some delightfully enthusiastic high school students who spoke to their poster presentation about lighting for traditional Japanese paintings in galleries. Their presentation was articulate and informative. That there were high school students participating was a testament to the skills and energy of Dr Motoharu Takao, the conference organiser. He not only encouraged a wide cross section of professions to participate but he managed to enthuse the next generation and also to give an opportunity for first time presenters to perform in a relaxed forum. Clearly, he engenders confidence amongst lighting novices for future participation at similar conferences.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 11.05.33 amDr Motoharu Takao (centre), newly elected Chair Lux Pacifica, with Dr Acharawan Chutarat (left), Vice-Chair, Mariana Papa, Australian delegate and Dr Warren Julian, Chair Emeritus among the poster papers.

There were some drawcard speakers over the three days but none so impressive as the last speaker on day one, who had been mentored by Dr Takao in previous years. Ms Chimani Michaels presented her paper entitled Present and Future Digital Design Technique for Illustrations Technology with Reference to Medical Illustration: from 2D to VR. A somewhat dry title but the presentation was clever and enthralling. This young woman, about to embark on a career in Phoenix in the USA, described her entry into the working world as a graphic artist, through to making virtual reality (VR) presentation tools for the medical profession. By showing examples of her work, from 2D to technically astounding VR, she demonstrated how VR can enhance surgical education and practices for the benefit of both doctors and patients.

The topics covered in the conference ranged from the lighting of cranes in container terminals to illuminance standards in rural Thailand, ambient lighting for tablet video games, snow lantern festivals in Japan, colour, daylight, energy, photon flux density, everything LED and more.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 11.05.45 amThe conference had a small exhibition of products and services; this is the CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram showing the gamut of colours from Asahi Rubber’s silicone rubber caps over blue LEDs. They claim to be able to supply more than 10,000 colour variations with high stability.

Participants hailed from Japan, Russia, the UK, Canada, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Iran, USA, South Korea and Australia and everyone enjoyed the sponsored canteen dinner at the end of day two. It was not only bountiful and delicious but participants mingled happily meeting new, like-minded colleagues and greeting old friends. It was a warm and very sociable gathering. In holding the conference at a university campus and in keeping social events streamlined, Dr Takao succeeded in putting together the most fairly priced Lux Pacifica yet held. And away from the conference, when seeking a place to eat out at night, we were barely able to make a decision because the number and diversity of eating houses seemed to outnumber the city’s inhabitants. Every floor of high rise buildings around Shinagawa Station had a corner store, cafe, restaurant or karaoke bar to lure in the hungry and starved of entertainment. Food is always a focus when travelling and Tokyo provided a treasure chest in that regard.

At the closing ceremony on day three, Dr Takao introduced the members of his organising committee. They had obviously worked tirelessly in the lead up to ensure that everything went smoothly and they were all appropriately acknowledged and thanked.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 11.05.57 amLighting students were well represented at the conference as both presenters and observers.

One of the Australian attendees, Mariana Papa, when asked what she thought of her first Lux Pacifica, said: “Lux Pacifica 2018 was a great conference in all respects. The presentations and the posters were outstanding and engaging. Tokai University offered excellent facilities and Tokyo was amazing. People were helpful, friendly and funny, it was awesome to engage with so many scientists and lighting experts. Inspiring! I may I take this opportunity to say a very big to the organisers. Thank you again Warren, Motoharu and all Lux Pacifica colleagues. I’m looking forward to 9th Lux Pacifica.”

Participants then headed home, on to other conferences, or, like the observer, opted for more travel in Japan.

The next conference on 2021 should be wildly different, so stay tuned…

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